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Rs gold pay by Phone SMS Text

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As you konw,most of runescape gold seller accept buying runescap gold with Paypal,Credit Card,Money-booker only .By the way these payment methods only audlt have. So it is so litmited. Recently we received lots of runescape players inquiry about site buy runescape gold by phone or sms payment. In order to thanks our loyal customer support we decide to offer rs gold pay by sms. The good news is that rs gold pay by phone is avaible now. You can enjoy purchasing runescape money by sms.These new payment method buy runescape gp by sms we call it “Onebip”. With OneBip you can pay Runescape gold by phone without using a credit card or bank account . Now you will ask how runescape pay by sms? You just add your mobile credit to your onebip account which changeing it as electronic money . Then you use your onebip accont money to purchose runescape money via sms. They are easy and safe. Pay online with your mobile phone, OneBip is a leading mobile phone-based solution for rs money pay by phone payments.

At the same time ,we will launch buy runescape items by sms/phone in future also.

Runescape Gold Pay By Mobile Phone /SMS Click here rs gold pay by phone

Runescape Gold Pay By Mobile Phone /SMS Click here rs gold pay by phone

Runescape Gold Pay By Mobile Phone /SMS Click here rs gold pay by phone

What is onebip?
Onebip is a safe way to pay online with your mobile phone. It is a system that allows registered users turn mobile phone credit normally used for telecommunication purpose into electronic money that can be used to purchase runescape gold by mobile.

Why use onebip for runescape gold pay by sms?
With OneBip, you can pay online without revealing your personal mobile phone number and authorize all your mobile phone payments with a click. Opening an OneBip account is free of charge.
How onebip works on runesape gold ?
Whether you have a contract phone or pay-as-you go one, you can transfer your phone credit to your onebip account and use it to pay on your runescape sms coins .

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